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I Lost my Angel
A broken moon in the sky
Triggered by fading whispers
Greeting my awakening with painful silence
Pushing me to become lost in sorrows
My angel has plumeted from the sky before my eyes
I reach out to catch her and fail
I've lost her
I should have known I would
Let my world crash down around me
Shattering all I have
The end is hard, but its the only answer...
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 3
I'm Me 'The War Called Life'
I'm a solder
I'm a warrior
I'm me
Standing by my comrades in this twisted war of life
This blade I weild is to protect not attack
To guard what is dearest to my heart
To uphold my honor and the honor of my comrades
I'm no saint
I'm no hero
I'm me
Dealing with the bad I've done to do good
This is how things have always been done
Welcome to the front lines
Where that perfect life you once wanted for your child is flawed
It threatens everyone
Challenging everyone to survive
I'm me
Nothing more
Nothing less
You can hate me
You can love me
But I wouldn't have it any other way
In this war called life
I'm just me
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A Wish I Have
I wish for a world of never ending night.
Where stars always shine and the moon always glows.
With the sounds of the ocean crashing softly against the rocks far below.
The soft glow of beautiful moon flowers and the playful blink of timid lightning bugs illuminating the forest with soft light of silver and gold.
That wonderous sound of the Earth's breath whispering through my ears and th feel of it playing across exposed skin.
A world as peaceful as the clouds drifting through the sky above and an Angel can be held close in my arms.
Where all of my love, passion and imagination can run freely.
Where all the pain and grief can be lifted from her sweet eyes, and worry can be lifted from her pretty face.
A world of our own,one that we can share and be together in, with love illuminated by gold and silver light, and passion accompanied by sweet sounds.
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 1 2
We Wished That We Dreamed of t
An echo in my cloud covered night
A soft sound in its approach
A dream that I've had so many times before
One of a beautiful wife, and beautiful children
A nice sea side house in the Highlands afar
My dream seems so far out of reach
A sad thought that I hate so much
For the momentary loss of that woman I love so dearly
Oh that angel sweet enough to put my heart in the happiest of places
But just as well she can crash it into the ground
How sweet the whispers of my dreams are
But that's all they are for now
Clever thoughts to distract me from my reality
Or maybe to force me to face that reality
I can only wait and watch
Hoping for the very best
That she'll return to my arms with soft embrace
So that maybe that shared dream comes true
There's always a space in my heart for her
That is if she chooses to take it…
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 1 2
What Vividly Beautiful Dreams
With vivid imagination do I dream at night
Wonderfully beautiful dreams to make bitterness vanish
Happily I let myself dream up a better life
A tender and soft one full of love and care
With vivid imagination did I dream too much
Because I awoke with a start to find my heart sliced to ribbons
I let myself dream too long and now I'm awake to find a nightmare
I wish I could go back to dreaming and forget it all
But last night's dream is still to fresh to sleep again
I think I'll try day dreaming now
So I might feel warm inside again
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 1 0
What More Can I Say?
I love you with all my heart
The way you laugh so sweetly
The beauty to your skin and eyes
You mind in all its unique thoughts
I love you for the humor
I love you for your mind
I love you for your heart
I love you for the pain you could cause, but choose not to
I love you for you
What more can I say...?
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 2 5
My Lost Reality
I feel myself slowly drifting away from this distant reality
To a place where dreams are the only reality that you need
Where all troubles vanish and flow from thought in a smooth stream
A land that is true and free from pointless illusions to cloud your mind
Devoid of laws and troubles, stress and pain, heartbreak and tears
A world where you can do what your dreams drive you to fulfill
Like a wave in the ocean you can finally go with the flow
Letting the sea of you mind take you away to a better place
A world that is within reach of reality, but just far enough away
This is your dream
The world you created
Your escape to your own reality
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0
What Wishful Thinking
At first it was nothing more than a dream…..
A dream that meant nothing more than to torment my sleeping mind….
But as time went on….
I realized that this wasn't really a dream….
It was my life….
Falling apart right in front of my eyes….
But I didn't move to stop it….
I let it burn to the ground….
Not out of fear….
Never out of some pointless notion of that nature….
But out of joy….
Of watching everything that had ever cause me trouble….
Burn away forever….
Never to be seen again….
And this brought me great pleasure….
Everything being torn apart and broken away….
Then I woke up….
Only to find that I had been dreaming….
And my life was still intact and in one piece….
But I can always hope for next time….
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0
One soul of many
Pure and untainted
Lost in a world of chaos and corruption
Pain around every corner
The light of one saving the soul of another
Love shining forth from her
Creating joy where ever she goes
Brightening even the darkest of shadows
A kindred spirit
Preventing death and comforting the dead
A beautiful angel in an ugly world
Conquering the darkness in our hearts
All the show her heart to those she loves
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0
Shackled to this Wall
My hands
My feet
Shackled to this wall
Waiting for the stinging burn of the lash
Never to feel the kindness of love again
My mind
My body
Shackled to this wall
Knowing the pain and sting is coming
Feeling the cold loneliness seep into my bones
My heart
My soul
Shackled to this wall
Will there ever be freedom?
Will there ever be relief?
My life
Shackled to this wall
Never to be seen again….
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0
Forever Lost
Lost, Lost, Lost
Forever lost in these lies that others have put before me
Beaten, yelled at, cut and bleeding
All by the ones I loved
Lost, Lost, Lost
Will I ever find the truth?
The truth given by one that truly loves me
I can only ever hope
Lost, Lost, Lost
Can I ever find peace?
With my heart scattered to the winds?
What's left held by string and pins, just rattling apart
Lost, Lost, Lost
Forever lost
Just hanging by my heart for all to see
Why am I lost this way?
Lost, Lost, Lost
Forever lost
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0
Second Life
A single point of pristine violet light
A beautiful beacon in my dark prison
A descending angel blessed by divinity
The instant relief to my crimson-eyed rage
And end to my terrible burning thirst
The touch of your soft lips upon mine as you fall into my arms
Surprising but passionate
Your angelic voice whispering words of love into my ears
The most welcome sound to my silent world
Your hand finding its way into my own
Sharing your radiant warmth with my frosty cold heart
And breathing the corruption from my lungs
The spark of your love rekindling my heart beat
As though awakening from a never-ending nightmare
To realize at last that I have finally found you
My life
My purpose
My love
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 1
The end of time
Brought forth by human greed
The buildings crumble and turn to dust
The old man laughs
The population screams
As men cloaked in black march forth
As the dead rise
As crimson flows
The shadow of death shrouds all
And all life ends
And now you're to blame
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0
Enter the Void
My eyes are sightless
My soul is silent
I stand alone in the dark
Shadows flow around me
Crashing like painful waves in the ocean
A focus for death to come
The catalyst for the end
Where time stops and fire rains down from above
As hell breaks loose and demons bring tortures unimaginable
The resistance stands foolishly with War at its head
The battle lasts for time unspoken
As the void overtakes the world, the universe, the all
And opening the way for Darkness to reign eternal
:iconshadowwolf656:ShadowWolf656 0 0


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Artist | Literature
I am Jake, nothing more and nothing less, just your everyday writer, though many people will argue with me on that. I write as a form of entertainment and a way to put my feelings down on paper, and if I'm not writting then I'm on my computer, listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends, walking or swimming. I'm just a random unpredictable Emo/Skater/Punk that everyone fondly calls The Ninja, Fluffy, Skully, Wolfy, or Bear. I'm normally pretty level headed till my loved ones are threatened, then I can be your worst nightmare. Hope this gives everyone some insight into who I am. Auf Wiedersehen! Und ich danke Ihnen für das Lesen meiner Arbeit meiner Kolleginnen und Abweichler!

Current Residence: Texas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Eh?
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Favourite genre of music: Rave, Techno, Alternitive, Rock, Soft Rock, Screamo, Classical
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Favourite style of art: Abstract Patterns and Poetry
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My Phone
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Favourite cartoon character: Gir, Ganta, Yachiru, Sasha
Personal Quote: Nothing is always something in someway.
Why do people bother making promises when they know they wont keep them? And why should I keep any of my promises to them if they cant keep the promises they made to me? They seem like lies to me now.
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